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Grade 1

Gnomes, Bean Bags, Numbers, Counting Gems & Colorful Counting Ball.
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Grade 2

Times Tables Chart & Gloves, Bean Bag Cubes, Baseball Math, Place Value Bean Bank, Math Skills Toss Ball & Origami Frog.
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Grade 3

Fold-Up Flashcards, Measurement & Time Tools, 10-Star Circle, Knotted Net & Large 4-Color Roll-Up Columns.
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Grade 4

Decimal Strip, Fractions Books & Tools, Magic Squares, Clay Fraction-Decimal Plaque, Number Words & History, Pre Algebra & Number Line Books & Tools.
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We were happy to haveĀ Red Beet Momma review our Grade Two Kit #1 for us and she sent us these sweet photos. Read her review here.

Conner, Alysa and Annabelle are excited to try out their new kit!

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