Though I am using a more conventional
curriculum for math now, it is nice to have
your beautiful kits as I can use ideas from
them. Every time I look at the kits it still
amazes me how well it’s all put together!

Natsuki Gehrt, Homeschooling Parent

I am pleased with what we have done so far with the
kits. Walker (my 9 yr old) has enjoyed working
with the materials. He’ll ask with a smile, “Is this
from that same kit?” I took a photo of him sprawled
out on the kitchen counter moving oranges about,
working on factors. It was such a homeschool
moment. We then squeezed the oranges
and drank factor-juice!

Midori Sundquist, Homeschooling Parent

As a parent, former classroom and homeschool
resource teacher, I recognize the need to make math
interesting for children. These kits use hands-on
manipulatives, activities and games to make that
happen. I love the way they also integrate the
language arts and other subject areas.
Perhaps if math had been taught this way
when I was a child, I would not have grown up
with the so common “math phobia!

Bonnie Wilson, Former Teacher

This is just what I need!
The complete kits are the
best thing since sliced bread.
For a super-busy homeschooling
mom, knowing that I can go to
the kits and have all materials
on hand is just great!

Cate Lightfoot, Homeschooling Parent

This is some cool stuff.

Doug F

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