to your Sacramento Homeschool Math Curriculum (although our home base is in the greater Sacramento, California area, we welcome all visitors and ship Math By Hand products everywhere!)

Math By Hand is guaranteed to bring out the math genius in every child.  If you buy a Complete Package, Binder, or Kit today, you and your child(ren) will absolutely fall in love with math tomorrow.

This is a Homeschool Math Curriculum for Grades 1-4.  It’s interactive and hands-on, and includes all of the bright and colorful materials you will need to make each of the projects at every grade level.

Math By Hand is an arts-integrated, Waldorf-inspired Homeschool Math Curriculum.  It includes language arts components like stories, fables, legends, myths, songs, riddles, rhythmic rhymes, verses, limericks, and clapping games.

The Homeschool Math Program:

First Grade Homeschool Curriculum: Number forms and recognition (with “real” numbers to make). Introduction to the 4 processes through costumes, stories, and plays. Hands-on 4 processes practice with manipulatives. An illustrated book of form drawings and collected fairy tales.

Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum: Colorful materials and activities for fun and painless times tables mastery. Hands-on manipulatives to teach place value and regrouping. Daily math practice with fun math games. An illustrated book of form drawings and collected fables and legends.

Third Grade Homeschool Curriculum: Continued times tables practice. Learning long multiplication and division with hands-on, colorful materials. Several time and measurement projects. Math tricks and patterns help encourage ongoing daily practice. An illustrated book of form drawings and collected creation stories.

Fourth Grade Homeschool Curriculum: Colorful hands-on materials to teach factors, fractions, decimals, the number line, and beginning algebra. An illustrated book of form drawings and cultural myths.

The Binder: A substantial binder that contains activities and full instructions, lesson plans for the entire year, and detailed tie-ins to state and national math standards (helpful for tracking, testing, or reporting) is included in this homeschool math curriculum at all grade levels.

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